10 Heart-Healthy Gifts

It's almost Valentine's Day! Unless you're an elementary school kid, likely Valentine's Day is full of disappointment. (Let's be real: after the age of getting an overflowing homemade mail box full of store bought cartoon valentines, it turns into not getting a valentine from your secret crush, and probably getting a valentine from the nice but nerdy classmate you don't like. Or two dozen roses to make you feel really guilty. Maybe your partner will remember a card these days. Maybe not. Anywhoo.)

conversation heart

(Remember these "chalk" conversation hearts? I secretly loved them)

This Valentines Day, don't wait around for the perfectly thoughtful gift you didn't know you wanted. Gift yourself something healthy for you, your partner, or a friend. Enjoy one of these heart-smart presents that keeps on giving long after the chocolate is gone and the roses are wilted. Because if we can't show ourselves some love, what's the point?

1. Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker. I love this little guy and it's less than $15! Make single serving breakfasts so that you don't overindulge on a whole stack of waffles, and opt for a super nutritious waffle recipe like my amazing turmeric waffles or my sweet potato spinach ones!

mini heart shaped waffle maker

2. Heart-Healthy Hemp Oil Extract. Hemp oil has many benefits and is rich in omega 3s and omega 6 fatty acids for heart health and more.

hemp oil from https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324450.php#skin-health

3. What I Love About You Book. Talk about warm and fuzzies! This is a great and lasting way to show someone you love them, and it will warm your heart and theirs plus it is less than $8.

best cute cheap valentine's day gift

4. Chocolate Almond Butter. We all know nuts are heart-healthy, so gift this decadent jar of healthy chocolate almond butter for a real treat that you get to enjoy over and over. Treat your heart and your taste buds. Hint: top your favorite gluten-free vegan cookies with a dollop for a real treat!

chocolate vegan almond butter

5. Pinot Noir. Drinking a little red wine has shown to have heart benefits, plus it pairs well with a good vegan chocolate! This Californian red is delicious and ships free to your door or your friend's.

heart healthy red wine pinot noir

6. Vegan Dark Chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, you can't go wrong with this set of organic vegan chocolate bars. (They are paleo, too! Perfect for anyone on the day of love). Heart-healthy PLUS delicious!

7. Heart-Healthy Cookbook. Simple, elegant and healthy meals; who wouldn't love this?

heart healthy cookbook

8. Yoga Class Package. This could be a date night idea, a friend gift, or just a wonderful way to treat yourself; get a yoga class package at your local studio!

yoga class with a friend

9. Deluxe Vegan Snack Gift Box. Here's a wonderful way to sample tons of new heart-healthy snack options; way better than a mystery box of cheap chocolates!

vegan organic snack pack

10. Bake a dozen of my Chia Chip Cookies! Bake, let cool and wrap my amazing heart-healthy cookies for the best Valentine's gift ever. They are packed with heart-healthy chia seeds and taste heavenly! Take your loved one out for a latte, enjoy a healthy cookie and savor each other's company. <3

best healthy cookies ever with coffee

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