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August 29, 2017

I am not sure how many amazing pumpkin cookies I've created and then insisted it is the best pumpkin cookie ever, but this vegan gluten-free pumpkin cookie recipe may actually be that elusive best. ever.  Or at least one of my best pumpkin recipes. My new ebook has my absolute pumpkin faves including my secret scrumptious healthy pumpkin bread recipe, so get on that now to support me and your tastebuds.

I know, it's still summer and I should have hung onto this cookie recipe until fall because, well, pumpkin spice season is always autumn, but hey, maybe you need something to look forward to!

This one-bowl...

October 7, 2016

If your weakness is sugar cookies, you're in luck.  These fab sugar cookies contain the natural sweetness of carrots, the unrefined sweetness of coconut sugar and an optional bit of vanilla bean protein powder glaze; what more could you want in a sugar cookie, am I right??

(If you answered butter and powdered sugar, get outta here)

Anywhoo, these sweet treats work great in tiny bite-sized cookies in say, an autumn leaf shape or really any shape desired.  Nibble a few at tea time or take to a friend's house to enjoy with wine.  (They taste delicious with tea or coffee AND wine; gotta love the versatility!)...

May 25, 2016

Not only do I have an easy pumpkin raw cookie recipe featuring a yummy vegan Squarebar added in (or protein bar of your choice), I also have a little diastasis recti info for you from my experience as a twin mom, NOT an expert.  But here is what's working for me in the hopes that it works for you, too!  There are some great programs like the MuTu system that has seen great results and has many wonderful reviews, but if you'd rather work on your own or can't quite spring for a program, here's a few moves.  Either way, if your insurance covers it, I recommend seeing a physical therapist in addition to...

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