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March 11, 2016

 This protein pancake is another winner.  If you haven't experienced the fantastic result of banana mixed with chocolate, I would start here!  These also keep well; my sister-in-law and I snacked on them as we drove 9 hours to Oregon with twin babies on board.  The protein and easy-to-digest nutrients from the chia seeds and hemp seeds will keep you going for hours.


Though not paid by Nutiva, I am delighted to receive the occasional sample of ingredients, and even when not receiving delicious hemp or chia seeds and the like, I have been a fan of their coconut flour for years.  It's a favorite o...

March 3, 2016

Yesterday was pretty fabulous as my neighbors watched the babies for me for 30 minutes while I jogged.  I was both esctatic to run and terrified of leaving them alone (with my perfectly capable friends).  But the trial run (pun intended, hehe) went great and I felt both refreshed and energized at the wonderful chance to run, something that has become a rare treat since the babies arrived.  This is a bit cruel, as now that I am finally able to run again (I was banned from running most of my pregnancy due to my high-risk pregnancy), I am now alone with the babies most days and by the time my husband gets home,...

May 11, 2015

Ok friends.  This one will change your life.  Have you ever had a chocolate craving but realized you had none in the house?  Or, craved chocolate but didn't want to indulge in a sugary candy that will make you crash?  Well I have the easy solution for you, that takes about 2 minutes plus setting or freezing time, and it only contains 3 easy, healthy ingredients that you won't feel bad about.

In minutes you'll have a simple chocolate bar or chips, and you'll never need to buy chocolate chips again!  Plus they taste way better than store bought, which I've found to be true of most homemade items.


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