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March 6, 2017

Now that I'm in my thirties (ok, eight months in), friends and acquaintances are seemingly having babies left and right.  I thought I'd throw together a list of what I LOVED having to rebound from having my preemie twins and gradually gain my fit self back (and sanity, ha!)  If you're an active mom, or know an active mom, keep reading.  These gifts will delight any sporty mom-to-be or new mum.  Forget about showing up with baby socks (they are useless anyway), show up with one of these presents and a box of eco-friendly gentle diapers, and you'll be a star!

Also, forget that chocolate bar;...

November 30, 2016

Sometimes it's hard to get going.  Maybe you had poor sleep the night before, maybe a new Netflix series is calling your name, or maybe you're plain just not motivated.  For me, it's my twins.  They usually are the reason I can't get out the door in time, and before I know it, cancelled run plans turns into a snack and lounge fest.

Therefore, my run goal is now to get out and run--with someone.  I tend to run faster and longer with a buddy or group, and my running could use a little boost.  So there it is; announcing it on here will be the push; in the next month I must run with a friend or run group...

November 5, 2016

For many of us, holiday season is when we tend to slip a little in terms of our healthy eating and working out. And that's okay! Who doesn't love a little festive Christmas cookie party with family rather than a solo bowl of kale? And when you're home for the holidays, you're kinda obligated to hang out with Grams rather than hit up spin class. You have all year to fit in those workout goals and spirulina shakes. The holiday time is for friends, family, feeling thankful and relaxing with a glass of wine or vegan cookie dough dip like my Cookies n' Cream Cookie Dough (you're welcome).

That said, it's still easy...

July 31, 2016

Ugh, having food sensitivities can be a huge hassle. The good news is, it makes me extra creative in the kitchen, and these delicious creamy bars are no exception. Think creamy cookie dough atop a granola bar and that's pretty much what this is!

For a recent breakfast and snack idea, I whipped up a Maiah-safe raw healthy protein bar devoid of my many food allergies and sensitivities. And it was delicious! Whether or not you have a food allergy, you'll love this energizing recipe.

Protein Breakfast Bar

yields 2


Cookie Crust:

1/4 cup gluten-free oats

2 tablespoons sunflower seed butter

1 tablespoon coconut...

July 25, 2016

You know when you find yourself at the grocery store and all of a sudden you're ravenous, and can't remember what you were supposed to buy? (Carrots? Bananas? Who knows). The next thing you know, everything sounds good.  Like twig tea. And sacha inchi powder. Wait, sacha inchi powder?  Yup.  I didn't even care (much) about the price; I had to buy it.  This week I realized a fave company discontinued my favorite non-Maiah-made treat: cocoa-kissed sacha inchi seeds, and I briefly mourned the loss, as it was the first and only time I have seen anything involving sacha inchi seeds until I saw the actual seed powd...

July 10, 2016

As some of my Instagram followers may know (@runninggirlhealth), I've been recovering from a postpartum-related surgery.  If you're a recent mom and especially a twin mom and have been dealing with ab separation (diastasis recti), read on.  You can also just scroll on down to the luscious chocolate zucchini carrot cake below that I made for my mom recently; it's absolutely divine, and vegan and easily made gluten-free. 

About two weeks ago I had surgery to repair a hernia and ab separation.  As you may have seen from a previous post, I had been seeing a physical therapist to try to heal my ab separat...

June 4, 2016


Some mornings the babies BOTH sleep in and it's heavenly.  Those are the mornings I get a barre workout in or quietly and slowly jog around our house in socks.  (Yes, once I logged a mile running indoors, and our rental house is not that big).  I accomplished this by opening the doors, and running out front, through the house, into the backyard avoiding the wet grass, and around the couch, down the hall, and did this over and over.  I probably could have gone longer but the dogs began to think I was playing a game and chasing them, and when they began to run after me, their nails were clicking on the floor s...

May 25, 2016

Not only do I have an easy pumpkin raw cookie recipe featuring a yummy vegan Squarebar added in (or protein bar of your choice), I also have a little diastasis recti info for you from my experience as a twin mom, NOT an expert.  But here is what's working for me in the hopes that it works for you, too!  There are some great programs like the MuTu system that has seen great results and has many wonderful reviews, but if you'd rather work on your own or can't quite spring for a program, here's a few moves.  Either way, if your insurance covers it, I recommend seeing a physical therapist in addition to...

May 19, 2016

It's been a little while since I've told you what's up in this twin mama's life so along with a sensational hemp protein pancake recipe, I'll give you a glimpse into my life with 5 month old twins.  And if you're here just for the recipe, keep scrolling, my friend.

For those of you with twins, babies or just curious about babies, first may I say listen to The Longest Shortest Time Podcast.  (I have no affiliation with them, the podcast has just been a reassuring friend in my ear).  I listen to parenting podcasts often on the countless hours I walk the girls around town on our "adventures", and this is one I've...

March 31, 2016


I haven’t written much (any?) fitness-related posts lately, largely due to how much my fitness level has plummeted during and post-pregnancy.  3 months postpartum, I’m finally beginning to get back into a routine and seeing change, albeit slower than I would like, mostly due to lingering ab separation.


At any rate, I’ll share what my workouts have been since giving birth and an example of a good postpartum reintroduction to running whether or not you’re suffering from abdominal separation, or diastasis recti.


I stayed very active throughout my pregnancy—possibly too active as the babies love constant movemen...

January 30, 2016

During one of my usual 3am scrolls through the wonderful world of Instagram, I came across a healthy pancake party challenge.  Since I'm a sucker for any contest and I love healthy pancakes, I was hooked.  My other fantastic recipe for spinach pancakes will be up here soon, but in the meantime enjoy the berry (ha) delicious recipe I created for my superfood berry pancakes.  

Let me back up though; these were created after a wonderful hike with my friend Kelli through Palo Corona park (I sadly watched the Treadmill runners scamper up Inspiration Point, but that day will come soon for me, I'm sure).  I...

May 11, 2015

Ok friends.  This one will change your life.  Have you ever had a chocolate craving but realized you had none in the house?  Or, craved chocolate but didn't want to indulge in a sugary candy that will make you crash?  Well I have the easy solution for you, that takes about 2 minutes plus setting or freezing time, and it only contains 3 easy, healthy ingredients that you won't feel bad about.

In minutes you'll have a simple chocolate bar or chips, and you'll never need to buy chocolate chips again!  Plus they taste way better than store bought, which I've found to be true of most homemade items.


April 7, 2015

I am so excited to announce I have a new ebook available on blurb.com!  It is a week of healthy recipes, fitness and wellness tips to motivate and inspire you via your favorite fairytale princess. Check out "Princess Fit Tips" on Blurb.com for a free preview!

Though I often invent my recipes on the fly, I must admit to finding a quinoa brownie recipe on Pinterest and then tinkering until I developed my own cleaner, healthier version of several recipes I found online.

I love treats, and this quinoa brownie recipe satisfies my dessert cravings as well as my hunger. Seriously, I ate some the other afternoon and c...

February 12, 2015

This is a hard post for me to write only because it is extremely personal.  I want to share my story however, because it may help others get through what is a often secret, yet unbelievably common experience for women.

In early November, I lost a baby at 10 weeks.  I was confident I was going to reach the safety of the 12 week mark.  We had heard the heartbeat at about 7 weeks, and had cried with joy at the clear, strong sound that meant our weeks of injections and fertility appointments had succeeded. 

When we went for the next appointment, we were blindsided.  The heartbeat we had heard before w...

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