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April 2, 2017

OK, so they aren't berry but they can be if you don't have dragonfruit. I was worried if I typed "Dragonfruit Scones" that most people would be like "Whaaa?" and keep scrolling.

Either melted acai berry packet can be used, or melted frozen raspberries or mashed fresh berries of your choice.  Regardless, they will be pretty and tasty and still paleo. Pour yourself a cup of Yerba Mate, and get baking; they will be ready in time for your second cuppa.

In fact, now that you've established you have about 15 minutes of free time, let's making this a little more fun. While the scones are baking, get your blood flowin...

March 24, 2017

These paleo mini muffins are beautiful, delicate and chock full of anti-oxidants!  (Thanks, turmeric!) Perhaps best of all, my twin toddlers LOVED them (and mama did too), so they may just be my new easy breakfast go-to.

Not only does the turmeric provide a lovely golden hue, most importantly, it provides the anti-inflammatory properties that so many of us need.  New moms know that sleep deprivation and stress can lead to a whole host of health issues, so luckily turmeric is there to tame down that inflammation.

Here's another of my posts on flexibility and how turmeric helps me, and I suggest you read it if...

November 16, 2016

Yam, sweet potato....such a confusing root vegetable.  I'm still not 100% sure I'm using the correct name.  But I used the elf shoe-shaped root that has thin brown skin with a vibrant orange flesh, so I recommend you use it too.  Pumpkin or yam would probably work just as well, but I didn't have a 8 lb sack of anything but organic yams.  Have you scrolled ahead to the recipe by now?  I wouldn't blame you; this is a bit of sleep-deprived rambling.  But before you skip ahead too far, I'd like to point out that if you have sleep issues occasionally or always, foods like sweet potatoes can actually help....

November 9, 2016

Because, well Waffle Wednesday!  And because my husband bought a ridiculous amount of organic sweet potatoes at Costco so I'm getting creative.  Add that to the fact that the twins love sweet potatoes and they don't always eat their veggies and thus these fab waffles with hidden veg were born.  And the last reason of course is that our new waffle iron plates that are dishwasher friendly are way easier to clean than the Mickey Mouse waffle maker, despite Mickey's inherent cuteness.  So long story long, I made these waffles out of convenience and a way to fuel us all with a healthy breakfast.


October 22, 2016

 The cranberry acai bowl: loved by all

After a stroller run with the girls, I wanted something to cool off with (it's October 22 in Virginia and still hot and muggy....I'm waiting eagerly for the true fall weather to kick in!)

Anyway, thanks to Cape Cod Cranberries, I received two bags of frozen cranberries and naturally got right to figuring out a yummy recipe that I could enjoy with my girls.

What looks like ice cream, tastes [almost] like ice cream and is a beautifully medley of all things delicious and healthy?  Cranberry Acai Bowls!  It can be pouring rain, cold and 5:30 am and I will wrap myself in a blank...

September 26, 2016

Oh, October.  Changing colors, crisp mornings and pumpkin spice everything.  One of my favorite months will be here in a few short days, and to celebrate, I'm stocking up on organic pumpkin and stockpiling fantastic recipes.

This cinnamon-y sweet recipe is not my own recipe (for once).  Well it is, but it's based off of a yummy Tone It Up one.  Mine is a little less sweet, a little more pumpkin-y, and still über delicious.  So whether you have a mini muffin pan or a donut hole maker or pan (hey, you're fancy!), roll up those sleeves and get baking, because this is one recipe you'll be guaranteed...

July 31, 2016

Ugh, having food sensitivities can be a huge hassle. The good news is, it makes me extra creative in the kitchen, and these delicious creamy bars are no exception. Think creamy cookie dough atop a granola bar and that's pretty much what this is!

For a recent breakfast and snack idea, I whipped up a Maiah-safe raw healthy protein bar devoid of my many food allergies and sensitivities. And it was delicious! Whether or not you have a food allergy, you'll love this energizing recipe.

Protein Breakfast Bar

yields 2


Cookie Crust:

1/4 cup gluten-free oats

2 tablespoons sunflower seed butter

1 tablespoon coconut...

July 8, 2016

I'm such a nerd; as soon as the banana flour was restocked on Vitacost I actually got a little thrill and immediately added it to my online cart.  I tried banana flour for the first time in my life as soon as it arrived and was delighted at the results, though as with my first foray with coconut flour, I initially used too much flour and not enough liquid. You definitely need the oil in this recipe; otherwise it will be a little dry.  I'm now scheming on what else I can try to make a delicious grain-free version of.  You haven't seen the last of my banana flour recipes yet; that's for sure!


June 28, 2016

This smoothie bowl or "ice cream" has it all: protein, healthy fats, nutrients and creamy fruit goodness.  Full of antioxidants and flavor, ripe summer blackberries were pretty much the ideal addition to this creamy bowl.  Plus, (not a surprise if you're a fan of my recipes) I snuck in some additional healthy veg in the form of broccoli.  Don't fret; you can't taste the broccoli at all, I promise.  You'll simply benefit from the hidden protein, fibers and numerous vitamins and minerals.

Also, this one is a breeze to make (as many of my recipes are after having twin babies for obvious reasons)....

May 30, 2016

It never fails: take twin babies out, and you'll get a barrage of questions and comments. Granted, I'm sure people with just one baby get comments and odd questions, but from what I have experienced compared to other moms, there's just something about twins that makes strangers feel the need to either ask personal questions, try to guess "which one is the evil twin" or just start listing every set of twins that they have known.


This morning I walked several miles on the bike path, hung out at a coffee shop and took the twins to the grocery store, which is always a treasure trove of comments, looks and questio...

May 19, 2016

It's been a little while since I've told you what's up in this twin mama's life so along with a sensational hemp protein pancake recipe, I'll give you a glimpse into my life with 5 month old twins.  And if you're here just for the recipe, keep scrolling, my friend.

For those of you with twins, babies or just curious about babies, first may I say listen to The Longest Shortest Time Podcast.  (I have no affiliation with them, the podcast has just been a reassuring friend in my ear).  I listen to parenting podcasts often on the countless hours I walk the girls around town on our "adventures", and this is one I've...

May 12, 2016


The idea for using sweet pea puree into muffins came to me yesterday when I was pureeing organic green peas for baby food.  My five month old Ivy has been eating mushed banana in addition to her milk for the past month, while her twin Blair isn't quite ready for food yet.  When Ivy decides she is hungry for something more than milk, I usually dash to the kitchen, grab a chunk of ripe banana and start mashing away to feed her before she turns into what I call "the Kraken".  


Though this usually works well, I don't want her to prefer sweet fruit over veggies, so I spent yesterday steaming and pureein...

April 6, 2016

In an effort to heal my ab separation from pregnancy, I am religiously doing every diastasis recti exercise and following every recovery tip I come across.  As I contemplated what to have for breakfast recently, an idea popped into my head.  What if I eat collagen-boosting food?  Maybe additional collagen will help the connective tissue between my abs spring back.  This may be completely inaccurate, but I figure my connective tissue can get all the help it needs post-birth.  Plus, at the very least, maybe it can help the fine lines around my eyes that seem to have appeared at the same time that I began to sle...

April 5, 2016

Whether you whip these up while trying to juggle twin babies, or leisurely make them to go along with your morning cup of tea, you'll be happy to know they are quick and easy and not at all complicated.  

So enjoy, and let me know what you think!  The glaze is totally optional but I highly recommend it; it turns a breakfast or afternoon snack into a delectable treat that is still great for you!  

Bake these on the weekend and take them along to work or school throughout the week. Enjoy with your tea or coffee for the best scone experience!

Apple Ginger Scones

Yields 8


2 cups gluten-free flour

3-1/2 tabl...

March 17, 2016

Green food dye?  Not here!  These luscious, protein-packed pancakes are colored with spinach.  (Yup, spinach).  Not only does spinach lend a vibrant hue, it packs in nutrients as well: with every tantalizing bite, you'll be eating nourishing vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and so much more.  All you will taste is dessert yet each pancake serving contributes 1/2 cup of spinach and tons of protein, which will definitely keep you full until lunchtime.

So whether you're toting around two babies, just coming in from a run or simply have a long day ahead, I recommend taking a moment to whip up th...

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