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You might be tempted to chop off your hair in the hot days of summer (been there, done that, regretted that) but hold on just a hot moment. These 10 hairstyles are relatively simple to pull off, whether it be for a pool party, outdoor training sesh or a sweaty outdoor concert.

1. Sided French Braid. 

A simple side braid is perhaps one of the easiest styles of all, but add a little glam (and reduce flyaways) by starting up high from the crown of your head, pulling your hair over one shoulder as you braid to keep it to that side.

Photo by Pete Bellis

2. Accessorized Ponytail.

A low ponytail instantly adds class, an...

The best hair vitamins out there contain Vitamin B6, Biotin (Vitamin B7) and green tea and Play With My Hair covers all three–and much more. Vitamin B6 is the ideal hair, skin and nails vitamin as it promotes development and maintenance of healthy hair and skin, (3) Biotin has also proven to be essential in maintaining optimal hair, nail, and skin strength as well. (4)  Green tea is delicious as a hot drink and may boost your metabolism (hurrah!) but did you know it also helps your luxurious mane?

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