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If you found my podcast through my blog, you might be thinking "hey, I thought this would be a plant-based food podcast!!"

Nope! Maybe that will be coming in the future, but for now, I have a wonderfully soothing and calming bedtime story podcast for kids. (Keep scrolling if you don't have/know tiny children, because it is v. embarrassing to thing of adults listening to my stream-of-consciousness stories!)  Some of the stories are borrowed from my childhood, some are created based on prompts from children and many are made up on the spot. Reach out if you have any name or storyline requests and I'll make a story for you!

Here's a hot tip: if you're exhausted, lay down next to your child's bed and play one of my stories on your phone. Easy rest time for you, and fun for them!

If you have trouble getting kids to calm down or sleep, check out my podcast (on almost any platform) because I have short calm stories set to soothing calm music, and I'm telling you, it works like a charm! (Plus there are some pretty adorable cameos from my twins).